what can i say about the idea that our society is now too complex that we cant live our lives just seeking immediate physical pleasure. there is a strange appeal / repulsion to that whole style of life. that i think is the reaction that jersey shore tapped into. these people didnt have any higher ambition than satiating their basic urges, and where unapologetic about it. that lifestyle seems like it would be fun but at the same time its like we secretly know we eventually be stabbed in the face because we just kept pissing other people off. it’s like we feel pleasure to be a zero sum game, my pleasure has to come at the cost of someone else’s pain, I dont know if this is true all the time but it seems that except for the most very purest forms of pleasure, someone has to be behind the curtain pulling the levers and lifting the sandbags. the worst part is actually when those other people are so removed that we never actually see them at all. thats i guess what china is, the stage hands for the giant stage production that is north america. i mean all those tiki lights at karma have to come from somewhere. i seriously hope they dont unionize but the strange thing is that even in this group whose whole purpose is the pursuit of pleasure an apparent value system manifests in order to keep everyone in check. one of the most interesting aspects of the show was the rules by which they govern themselves and the values they represented. its far worse to rat out your bro for cheating on his girl, then it is to cheat on your girl itself. the value seeming to be that pleasure outweighs truth, which seems to me to be a value to pervasive in our culture as a whole, often to its detriment. now i know it seems ridiculous to try to analyze or intellectualize something as crass as jersey shore, but if you see it as a hyperbolised version of our culture as a whole, it’s kind of interesting. i dont really know if hyperbolised is a word. it should be.

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